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Shawn Lane in “Massage Cum”

About "Massage Cum: Shawn Lane was totally into this video; I know it looks like he's staring at the camera but he's watching himself getting toy-fucked on the monitor! Yes Shawn is primarily straight and yes like many straight guys on the down low he has stuck his cock in a few guys who were willing, but this is his first real experience being on the receiving end. When Shawn first contacted me, he said that he would do a massage but nothing involving anal. No problem. A few hours prior to the shoot Shawn contacted me and said, 'I watched some of the massage videos on your site and you seem pretty gentle with the guys. I think I want to try it.' The pain on Shawn's face is real, but as you can see after the wincing and tensing he relaxes into it and enjoys it. Enjoy it he did! Shawn stays rock hard throughout the entire video no matter how deep I thrust the dildo up his ass. I didn't catch it on on-camera but Shawn asked if we could do his cum shot with the toy deep inside him. Abso-fucking-lutely! He blows an amazing load all over his chest. So whether or not Shawn has ever really been fucked before, I'll never know, but this is definitely the first time he's been fingered and toy-fucked for that length of time. It's also the first time he's eaten cum.

About Shawn Lane: Shawn Lane is primarily straight, but like a lot of 22 year old guys on the down low he's willing to drop his zipper if a guy will drop to his knees, and when you see this young man's long thick cock you'll understand why so many people are willing to drop. Having a big cock Shawn has been extremely spoiled because virtually everyone wants to suck him or get fucked by him. Only once has he given up his ass and that was to a medical device during a physical. Other than that, according to Shawn, he has a virgin ass. What better way to deflower him than in front of you! So if you love young twinks who give up their asses for the first time, this video is especially for you!

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