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Pacifico Rim

Finally old enough to bring over to the dark side, Dominic Pacifico makes his MenOver30 debut. We've waited a long time to have this hung hottie on our site. He's made many fans on our brother sites so we're the blessed ones this time around. Dominic is the big 3-0 (duh) and from New Mexico. He's here and helping us welcome Luke Milan. Luke is 25 years old and is originally from Ohio. We're sure Luke is enjoying our warm and moist winters here compared to the frigid winters back home. The holidays are also bearing down on us and we wondered what these studs were hoping for this Christmas. Luke wants a new boyfriend while Dominic wants a new car. Each having a different path that brought them where they are today, we asked them when they began to feel comfortable in their own skins as gay men. Luke came out at 23 and was favored to have the love and support he needed to make that transition. Dominic decided it best to get outta Dodge; and moved clear across the country to a tiny little place called Key West. He was 16 at the time. We're sure we can leave the rest of that fiery coming out story to your own lurid imaginations. After all it was the 90's!

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Two Sexy Hunks Fuck Outdoors For Money!!

In this weeks Out In Public we are out and about with my friend and we get a call to meet up with our very good friends who claim to be "heterosexual" so I am definately gonna try to test how straight these two are and at first they were game in the "i'm not gay" department but once that cash and cock came out it was all fun and games for these two lover boys. Enjoy!
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Brett Swanson & Jordan Levine in a Christmas story

Brett is asleep when in comes the modern day St. Nick. A stunningly bearded Jordan Levine. Brett decides to give Jordan his milk and cookies, and Jordan is ravenous. The two suck and rim and fuck all Christmas morning, until finally Jordan fucks the cum out of Brett. Then Jordan cums all over Brett and licks his own cum off of his ass.
Brett Swanson

Jordan Levine


Marcelo Mastro BareBangs Igor DaSilva

Big dicked Marcelo is on the couch already horny when Igor walks in with a stiff cock of his own. Marcelo is quickly on his knees deep throating it before he bends him over and lubes up his ass with his tongue, spit and his fingers. That hole is almost ready but Marcelo wants his big fat cock sucked first before Igor gets his ass pounded. But you know Marcelo is going to slam that ass hard and Igor get a face full of cum.

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Hung, Muscled Blatino Breaking And Entering A Tight Twink Boypussy

The roleplaying fantasies continue at Jalif. This time with hung blatino Jay Cruz and blond twink whiteboy Sean Bay. In this scenario, Jay’s been casing the home of the skinny, pale Sean for a few days. He’s been fantasizing about breaking and entering and taking Sean, despite his protests. This has gotten Jay into a sexual frenzy. He spouts a litany of cock-stirring nasty things while sneaking along the side of the house, searching for an easy entry. Jay soon finds what he’s looking for and walks in on Sean, who sits quietly reading a book.

When Sean demands to know what Jay is doing there, he soon finds his face stuffed full of hard dick and eagerly sucks the throbbing shaft while stroking his own cock. But what Jay wants is hole. Tight, pink, twink pussy boyhole. He bends Sean over and works his dick inside the submissive bottom, fucking him like the whore Jay perceives him to be. As it turns out, Sean is EXACTLY the cock whore Jay thinks he is. One look at his face while riding the big blatino cock will convince you. And if that doesn’t, wait ’til you see him on his back, legs spread, with Jay taking everything he wants until they both spew fresh loads of cum. Moral of story? There are several but here are the two most important ones: 1) Lock your doors when you’re in the house unless or you’ll invite trouble, and 2) roleplaying fantasies, especially when acted out, can be LOADS of fun!


Behind the Scenes: JJ Masters & Vignette

In this short installment of our interview series, get to know our newest sexy Broke Straight Boy and learn all about JJ’s passion for video games, his girlfriend, and getting naked for the camera. Catch this stud as he strips down and takes a dive revealing his sexy bod.

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Bonus: Behind The Scenes
JJ Masters 


Twink Lyle Boyce Loves Him Some Daddy Dick

You’ve heard of the expression, “so-and-so’s a mamma’s boy.” But what about a daddy’s boy? Or maybe you just have a fantasy of sleeping with your best buddy’s son. Or perhaps YOU’RE the son and you’ve got the hots for your dad’s best bud, his neighbor, his…ahhh, fuck it. You get the picture. It’s all about the hot Daddy and goodness knows twinky Lyle Boyce loves a good, take-charge sort of daddy. So who better to pair him with than with Dolan Wolf? Normally, Dolan’s a bit on the kinky side but he takes it nice and slow and incredibly passionate with Lyle. The two are in sharp contrast and hit the ground running with hairy muscle man pressed against slim, pale and twink.

Lyle eagerly unbutton Dolan’s suit shirt, exposing his hairy chest and hard abs. But he doesn’t stop there. He’s desperate to get into daddy’s pants and fumbling with anticipation as he works the belt. Dolan helps him out, just as horny to get Lyle naked. He pulls his shirt off, kissing him hard as he half caresses, half gropes Lyle’s ass, as if letting him know where he’s going next. Tender and sweet, they build to a grunting animalistic coupling as Dolan tosses Lyle all over the place, his hairless milky white body solely for Dolan’s pleasure. Even Lyle’s impressively large dick is used to get Dolan off as he slurps on the curved, uncut cock before moving to his favourite place…smooth virgin ass! Dolan slides home, taking Lyle doggy and in other positions designed for maximum penetration and pleasure, until they can no longer hold off and shared cum shots as they finish what we can only call perfection. From the look on Lyle’s face and the sounds he makes, we know no one has ever rimmed or fucked him like this every before!


Jarec Wentworth shows us his man meat

Jarec Wentworth is no stranger to gay porn. He is just a sweet fun loving guy that just loves sex anywhere he can get it. He has a hard muscled body that is covered in just the right amount of hair. He pulls his hard cock out and plays with it for a bit outside, before moving indoors and finishing the job. He ends by spraying the cameraman with his hot white jizz.
Jarec Wentworth


Ian Dempsey Fucks Johhny Forza

Ian Dempsey is getting retribution today. In a previous scene Johnny Forza remade Ian’s booty hole. Now Ian will get to do the same to Johnny. ”I told him to go extra hard as revenge,” the cameraman says to Johnny. “I’m sure you did,” Johnny answers. “You always do.” Ian just got his driver’s license back. Too many tickets. Don’t worry. No drunken driving. When the models get naked, it’s not hard to notice that Ian’s skin is tan while  Johnny is a whiter shade of pale. By the way: Annie Lennox’s version of that song is sublime.

Ian sits down and Johnny waves his hot rod in his face. Ian opens up and sucks away. Occasionally he’ll look up in Johnny’s face, to make sure the New Jersey stud is liking the
job. Johnny’s moans are more than proof of happiness. Ian pulls off and gets a sweet kiss. Johnny gets on his knees and slobbers all over Ian’s dick. The sounds of heavy breathing fill the studio. The Garden State dude keeps his  tongue focused on Ian’s head. The sausage shines from the salvia. All the sucking keeps Johnny’s cock sticking straight out.
There’s some more smooching. Ian puts lube on his rod, and Johnny puts his hole over the wet tip. He takes a seat, and his hole stretches to the max.

He grits his teeth as he goes up and down. Ian nibbles on Johnny’s chest and gives him a reach around. While Johnny is hurting, his pole is plumped. A joy button is getting hit right.
“Oh, fuck,” Johnny moans. His pale thighs go up and down the bloated pole. Honestly, Johnny has never looked sexier. LOL! Muscle studs need to bottom all the time!
Johnny gets on his back. Ian grabs an ankle and gets his dick back in that hole. The New Jersey bottom grunts and moans, but notice he never puts a hand on Ian’s thigh. He
wants that meat balls deep!

Ian slow strokes him, making certain each movement is felt. Johnny starts to jerk his meat because he’s ready to pop. His toes curl from all the sensations in his dick and ass.
His jizz, a bit more whiter than his skin, covers his abs. Ian pulls out and strokes is nut. It plops out and covers Johnny’s inner thigh. When asked how things went Johnny is still not happy.”Not a fan,” he says to the cameraman. That’s OK. His prostate is a fan of the pounding. LOL!

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Ian Dempsey & Johhny Forza


Cage Kafig Fucks Damien Kyle

Last time Cage and Damien did a scene together Paul was with them. Now it’s just a duo and Damien is ready for it to be over.  ”I’m ready to get this done. Shit,” Damien says to the cameraman. Cage thinks Damien is not being completely honest. ”Don’t act like you want to get it over it,” Cage says. ”No. For real. I do,” Damien responds. ”You want to keep this going,” Cage notes. “I’m telling you. You’re going to fall in love.” Damien laughs this off and counters that Cage might be the one who really wants this scene to happen.”He is really way too excited,” Damien says, pointing to the dude in the BSB T-shirt. ”That’s right,” Cage responds.

“It’s not everyday I get to fuck you.” The cameraman wonders what the two lads have been doing, but they have no stories to share. There is a confession from John, the cameraman, that when he was 21 he  fucked a cantaloupe. Neither lad can admit to such an experience. John adds the fruit wasn’t ripe and that added to the experience. The two boys finally get to stand up. They take off their shirts and argue who has the most fat. LOL! There is an interesting moment when Damien admits he’s not a fan of tats. Cage, of course, is a tattoo magnet. Opposites attract. Damien takes a seat, and pulls off his pants. Cage gets on his knees and starts sucking.

“Wake that fucker up,” John encourages. After a minute or two, Damien’s dong does indeed wake up. ”You’re getting better at this,” Damien observes. ”Fuck you,” Cage answers.
Cage slobbers up and down, getting half the meat in his mouth. ”Is that as far as you can go,” Damien wonders. ”That’s as far as I can go,” Cage replies. “You didn’t teach me that well.”
Cage might not be able to go down all the way, but his eyes do water from the effort. Who said sucking dick isn’t an emotional experience? LOL! It’s Cage’s turn to sit back and relax.

Damien licks Cage’s tool, getting it primed.  ”You like that,” Damien asks. ”Hell, yeah,” Cage responds. “You act like you’ve done that before.” Spit and pre-cum coat Cage’s rod. Damien looks up to make sure he’s doing it right. Cage is more than happy.  ”You ready to get fucked,” Cage wonders. ”You already know,” Cage says.  The boys put lube in, and on, the important places. Cage slips a condom on. Damien gets on all fours and once Cage is in, he pounds away.  ”Fuck me,” Damien whispers. He puts his head down and lets Cage fill that ass up. As for Cage, he makes sure each stroke is balls deep. ”Fuck me harder,” Damien commands. Cage is a dutiful top and does what’s asked. The boys switch positions, without Cage taking his johnson out. Damien gets on his side, holding on to the sheets as he’s stuffed. ”Like that,” Cage asks.

The sound of skin against skin fills the studio.  ”I’m about to cum,” Cage says. He pulls out and jerks his meat. Both lads are next to each other, stroking their tools. Damien pops first. His load oozes out, coating his pubes and shaft. Cage is next. The first stream hits Damien’s neck, and the rest covers his bottom’s chest and stomach. So? What should these two do next?

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Cage Kafig & Damien Kyle


Outdoor Anal Fun

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Justin Owen & Lance Luciano

Justin Owen is just the most adorable thing ever. And Lance Luciano could not get enough of it. Their chemistry could not be contained. And as a director, I got to just sit back and watch these two smooth athletic guys go at it. And you have not lived until you have seen Justin Owen when he is writhing around with a dick inside of him. Fans will be jizzing for days over this scene.
Justin Owen

Lance Luciano


Spencer Todd Fucks Brandon Beal

Brandon Beal and Spencer Todd have a history together. They become BSB models around the same time, and Brandon was one of Spencer’s first forays into the pleasures of  male flesh. They are reunited today, and Brandon’s perky booty will be fucked by Spencer. Brandon isn’t feeling too happy about that. ”Not too excited, but I need the money,” he says to the cameraman.”It’s about the money,” Spencer responds. Brandon gives a “smile.” LOL!

The two lads strip. Once naked, Spencer sucks first. He licks up and down Brandon’s rod, trying to get it fat and plump. His tongue does the trick, and Brandon sits back
and moans. Spencer works overtime in his blowing duties. Look how his throat muscles contract. The red head breathes loudly through his nose. When he comes up, Brandon gives him a kiss for his efforts. It’s Brandon’s turn to suck dick. He swallows all of the “Red Rocket.” ”Oh, yeah,” Spencer moans.

That tool stretches poor Brandon’s mouth to the limit. Imagine what it will do to his tight, pink, hole? Spit coats Spencer’s johnson. His red toes curl from all the
oral attention. There’s a quick kiss before Brandon gets on his back. Spencer puts lube on his rocket, and Brandon sticks some in his boy hole. Spencer works his tool in and starts fucking. The strokes are long and deep. Brandon is being deep dicked like never before. He can’t decide if he hates or loves it. ”Take it,” Spencer commands.

Spencer gets on his side, right behind Brandon. He refills that booty with his meat, balls to the wall with each stroke. Brandon takes each hit to his joy button, never asking the
Red Rocket to slow down. ”Pound my hole,” Brandon whispers. Who doesn’t groove to a bossy bottom who gets off on being fucked real good?  There’s another lip smack before Brandon gets on his stomach. Those pearly cheeks jiggle with each down stroke.  ”Oh, fuck me,” Brandon whimpers. ”Take it,” Spencer responds.

The Red Rocket is getting close, the pounding starting to echo in the studio. When he pulls out to jerk his meat, the first shot of jizz covers Brandon’s hole. The remaining
covers those succulent cheeks. Brandon turns on his back and strokes an impressive load that covers his abs. ”That was a pretty good fuck, guys,” the cameraman says.
Who is going to disagree?

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Spencer Todd & Brandon Beal


White Bottom Becomes Aggressive For Big Black Cock

This week Jalif brings you another fantasy roleplaying scene featuring sex between a dominant and submissive. The scene — which pairs sexy hung Kamrun and long, curly-haired Kelly Taylor — plays along the same line as the previous ones. Unlike the previous scenes, however, the skinny white twink becomes the aggressor instead of allowing himself to be dominated. He’s still on the bottom, mind you, where all good pussyboys belong; it’s just that this one knows what he wants, owns up to what he likes, and has no problem letting out the aggressive bottom that is his nature.

Kamrun is down and out on his luck, strapped for cash and super horny. While walking through a ritzy neighborhood, he picks “just the right house” where he breaks in to find adorable Kelly. The twink makes it clear he has no money but that doesn’t matter now. Kamrun decides he’s going to wreck Kelly’s hole. First, he shoves his big black dick in Kelly’s face. And, yes, Kelly pretends to put up a fight. But it soon becomes clear that he enjoys being used AND taken! After sucking Kamrun, working his balls, he gets his own dick sucked. That’s when things really shift. The aggressee becomes the aggressor, with Kelly getting rimmed and primed then mounted and fucked. The twink-like white boy works his hole on Kamrun, pushing him to the edge and spraying his load immediately after Kamrun shoots his.


Cute Twink Delivers Hot Ass To Donkey Dick Businessman

Super hung Luke Desmond is bored and it shows. Why else would he check to make sure his colleagues are gone before opening up his favorite porno? Then again, lately his monster cock is ALWAYS hard. So he whips it out and strokes stroking the massive donkey dick. Except he’s interrupted by a delivery he’d forgotten about. He races to cover up and to hide the movie he’s been watching. But as luck would have it, and as it usually happens in real life, he forgets to mute the movie. With Lyle right there, present to hear all the groaning, Luke is mortified. Until Lyle mentions that what Luke’s been watching is one of his favorites. That’s when Luke relaxes, and offers up his stiff cock for the twink to suck. Lyle doesn’t say a word and wastes little time in dropping to his knees and service the massive piece. Luke eventually works his tongue into Lyle’s hole, spitting and licking into it, recreating one of his own favourite porn scenes before sliding home. Lyle’s spit-lubed hole takes all of Luke and his monster piece, who starts slamming and pounding. Moving from the desk to the chair, then back again, Lyle shoots his load all over himself before Luke makes a delivery of his own, all over Lyle’s chest.